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What is the difference between olden days and today’s modern days?

What is the greatest harmless/non-addictive feeling/pleasure that a human can feel?

How do we know that it is the year 2023 even though there was a period in history where there were no records (the Dark Ages)?

How many people don't believe in history at all?

How did ancient civilizations survive without technology and resources we have today, like electricity, cars, and phones?

Who is the man that found the oldest object?

If depression was a colour, what would it be?

Why can't I cry anymore, even when I'm sad?

What are algorithms and data structures? What are the differences between them? Which one is more useful and why?

What is the definition of anthropological science? Why was it named after the study of humans?

Why were humans created?

What is the structure of data and why is it important in computer science?